Professional Optical Calibration Services

Lux Meter

Lux meter calibration is a process aimed at verifying the precision of a lux meter. Lux meters are optical instruments designed to measure the intensity of light. Calibration involves a rigorous procedure of comparing the lux meter against a known standard to ascertain its accuracy, followed by adjustments made to correct any deviations from the standard. This requires careful measurement at various light levels and wavelengths, and the correction is based on a mathematical algorithm that takes into account the lux meter's sensitivity, linearity, spectral response, and other parameters. Proper calibration is vital for applications that require precise light measurements, such as lighting design, photometry, and medical diagnosis.

Ultra-Violet Light

Calibration of a UV meter is a highly precise process that involves verifying an instrument's accuracy and linearity in measuring the intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The calibration process involves comparing the UV meter readings against a known standard, and adjustments are made based on the deviations observed. The calibration process requires taking measurements at various UV wavelengths and intensity levels, and the results are analyzed to ensure the instrument's performance meets the required accuracy and precision standards.Calibration is essential in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and environmental monitoring. Calibration ensures that UV meters comply with the required standards, provide trustworthy data, and minimize the risk of measurement errors.

Instruments Which Can Be Calibrated:
  • Illuminance
  • Illuminance (Lux) Meter
  • Photometers & Luminance Meters
  • Ultra Violet
  • UV Meters ( UVA,UVB & UVC Wavelength)

Sl Parameter*/Device under Calibration Group Range(s) of Measurement CMC Calibration Performed At
Recommended by Assessor
1 Lux Meter - 10 to 10000 LUX - PermanentFacility