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Vibration calibration is the process of measuring of instruments that detect and measure vibration, such as accelerometers and vibration sensors. Calibration is necessary to ensure that the measurements obtained from these instruments are accurate and reliable. The calibration process typically involves using a calibrated reference source, such as a vibration exciter, to generate a known vibration signal at specific frequencies and amplitudes. The instrument being calibrated is then compared to the reference signal, and any discrepancies in the readings are adjusted using calibration factors. Vibration calibration is critical for ensuring the reliability and performance of many industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications that rely on accurate vibration measurements.


Sound meter calibration is a vital procedure aimed at Calibrating precision of sound level meters. Given that sound levels are critical determinants of human health and safety, calibration guarantees that sound meters are providing accurate and reliable measurements. During calibration, the sound meter undergoes a rigorous process of cross-comparison with a standardized reference instrument to ascertain its accuracy. This involves a meticulous evaluation of the sound meter's frequency response. It is imperative to note that sound meters are susceptible to drift out of calibration over time due to environmental factors such as mechanical wear, temperature changes, and exposure to humidity. As such, routine calibration is crucial for ensuring optimal accuracy, reliability, and traceability of sound measurements.

Instruments Which Can Be Calibrated:
  • Vibration
  • Accelerometers
  • Vibrometers & Vibration Meter.
  • Acoustics
  • Acoustic Calibrators
  • Sound Level Meters & Microphones

Sl Parameter*/Device under Calibration Group Range(s) of Measurement CMC Calibration Performed At
Recommended by Assessor
1 Amplitude/Vibration Meter Acceleration Acoustics 1 m/s2 to 100 m/s2 5.4 % to 6.2 % PermanentFacility
2 Amplitude/Vibration Meter Displacement Acoustics 10 µm to 500 µm 8.8 % to 6.2 % PermanentFacility
3 Amplitude/Vibration Meter Velocity Acoustics 2 mm/s to 100 mm/s 7.4 % to 6.2 % PermanentFacility
4 Sound Level Meter @ 1kHz Acoustics 94 dB to 114 dB 0.8 dB PermanentFacility