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SINCE 2003

"Accurate Labs" Calibration Laboratory is an independent facility established in 2003 providing calibration services for testing & measuring instrument and validation services to pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Hospitals, ISO Industries & other Export Oriented Units.

The Laboratory is accredited as per ISO/IEC: 17025:2017 by NABL (National & International Accreditation Authority) for Electro-Technical, Dimensional , and pressure, Mass & Volume, Fluid & Flow, Thermal and Air Flow Parameter. High accuracy master equipment, trained personnel & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure low uncertainly of measurements. Calibration & Validation Certificates issued by the Laboratory at competency level of international / national standards.

"Accurate Labs" is providing services all over India with about 85 well trained Engineers & Technicians from Vapi. Accurate Labs provide calibration services to our customers in either our own environmentally controlled multi laboratory facility or on-site at their location. Accurate labs have already established over 300 satisfied customers of various locations.

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Developing credence by ensuring quality standard & Accurate Labsproves it all with accreditation & recognition.

Quality Policy & Objectives


The laboratory is committed to meet the customer requirements by providing valid, accurate and impartial test/calibration results conforming to the National/International test standards, through professional practices and by effective implementation of Management System as per requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

The Management is committed for continual improvement of effectiveness of the Management System. The Laboratory ensures the competency, impartiality and its consistent operation by familiarizing all the laboratory personnel with the quality system documents, policies and procedures; through regular reviews.


The top management is committed to meet the following objectives of the organization, but not limited to, by:

  • Providing resources for functioning of the laboratory as per requirements of the National/International standards.
  • Continuous up-gradation and enhancement of skills of the laboratory personnel through training.
  • Maintaining all the requirements of regulatory, statutory and accreditation authority.
  • Delivery of test report/calibration certificate in a committed time frame.

Landmark and Achievements

  • Accurate Labs is the first private laboratory in Vapi to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).
  • Accurate Labs have its own Research and Development lab for developing new testing methods..
  • Accurate Labs is the only Lab in Vapi with UV Calibration setup for UV-A, UV-B & UV-C.
  • Accurate Labs is the first NABL Accredited Laboratory with Mass Flow Calibration Setup.
  • Accurate Labs is the first NABL accredited laboratory with Fluid Flow calibration solutions for Companies and Industries aiming to comply with Gazetted Notification of CGWA Guidelines.
  • Accurate Labs has continued to grow its Service Capabilities, with over 2000+ Master Instruments.

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